Open Practice in the UK


The Changes and Challenges of Open Practice in the UK: policy directions after three years of the HEA/JISC OER programme

David Mossley, The Higher Education Academy, UK

Moderator: David Mossley, The Higher Education Academy, UK


Prof Craig Mahoney (CEO, Higher Education Academy) National strategy: the view from the funding bodies and Government exploring the place of open practice in a competitive HE sector and policy changes needed to support it. Dr David Mossley (Higher Education Academy) Programme: the view from JISC/HEA on the impact of the programme and how policy is implemented. Dr Jonathan Darby (SCORE, Open University) Institution: the view from an HEI engaged in open practice and OER development at all levels, discussion on the successes and challenges of such an approach and the role of senior managers in bringing about successful change. Dr Megan Quentin Baxter (MEDEV, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne) Practitioner: the view from a successful discipline-based programme funded by HEA/JISC, exploring the impact of open practice on the disciplinary context of pedagogical development policy. Conference Theme: Impact

Summary: Expert views on the UK policy context for OER after three years of the HEA/JISC programme, exploring change at all levels.

Abstract: Since 2009 the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and JISC have funded and supported the ongoing development of OER and open practice across the English higher education sector. The work has been funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).

The first two years of funding supported the development of a diverse range of resources aimed at addressing the needs of teachers, practitioners and students, and the exploration of effective use, reuse and adaptation of resources. The 2010-11 programme has widened the scope of the work and includes work on institutional policy and change, the student voice in OER, significant thematic development, initial and continuing professional development for staff, work with professional and learned societies, and support for senior managers.

The impact of this work is emerging as a major driver of policy change in many higher education institutions keen to exploit the positive effects of open practice and OER on the student experience, recruitment possibilities and staff development. However, the funding context in UK HE is changing, new priorities and business models are being developed and the place of OER in institutional strategy is polarising.

This panel discussion will explore the past, present and future of open practice and the place of OER in England and the UK more widely, focusing on the changes to policy and practice that the HEA/JISC programme has brought about.