POERUP 2011-2014: Policies for OER Uptake


Barry Phillips, SERO Consulting

Conference Theme: Innovation

Abstract: The POERUP Consortium is a group of organisations across Europe and Canada interested in understanding how better to foster the uptake of OER by governments and groups of educational institutions. It consists of:

Two open universities (Open Universiteit and Athabasca University) Two campus universities, but both with capacity in distance education (University of Leicester – the Applicant – and Vidéoscop, Université Nancy 2 – the Evaluator) Two specialist e-learning consultancies (Sero – the Coordinator – and SCIENTER) One Europe-wide e-learning association (EDEN) Key outputs

Three EU-wide policy papers – for schools, for universities, and for colleges and other organised education providers – on how to foster OER uptake. Seven options brief packs for EU nations/regions:

UK (England, Wales and Scotland separately) Netherlands Italy Hungary France each in the national language with an Executive Summary in the national language and in English.

The Workplan

The POERUP Workplan has the usual components of Project Management, Dissemination, Exploitation and Evaluation.

Country studies on OER in Education

European Union: Belgium (Flanders), France, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, UK Outside the EU: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and United States Mini-studies under consideration on Germany, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Russia, and Turkey; and outside Europe on Argentina, South Africa, and Korea volunteers welcome to help with these – to make it your study, not just ours Regional/linguistic studies on OER in Education

Dutch-speaking world community Francophone community Commonwealth of Nations (including Pacific nations and territories) Arab Middle East Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia “helicopter” summaries Research on OER communities

Social Network Analysis will be used to research ten case studies likely to include JISC, OpenLearn, Wikiwijs and OER u.

International Advisory Committee

In addition POERUP has an International Advisory Committee of renowned experts in Open Educational Resources both in Europe and further afield. This is under the chairmanship of Fred Mulder, former Rector of the Dutch Open University.

Slide contents

  • POERUP 2011-2014: Policies for OER Uptake
  • VISCED: A Transnational Appraisal Of Virtual School And College Provision
  • POERUP Partners
  • Key outputs
  • The Research Workplan
  • The project now (Main Page)
  • VISCED (web side)
  • Example of a report - Canada
  • Early emerging findings
  • Conclusions, Miscellaneous ‘issues’
  • Possible policy implications for the EU
  • Can you use the research? Can you contribute?
  • - Thank you, Questions