Promotion of OER development in Indian Universities


Savithri Singh, Acharya Narendra Dev College (University of Delhi), India

Conference Theme: Innovation

Summary: The author describes her experiences of trying to promote OER content development for the UG level among University teachers.

Abstract: Indian Universities have in recent years started uploading content on the web but usually in formats that are unaccessible to the general public. The option of them being Open Educational Resources has hardly been explored by any University. This, though the Ministry of Human resources Development - education Ministry has been stressing the importance of use of IT in educational and that of creating content thats is in the OER format. Content that is uploaded as Pdf, or as uneditable formats form the bulk of educational content. Merely providing access to content does not make it OER - understanding licences with regard to educational content has to be made a priority. Distrust of formats that allow open edit, adaption, and adoption continues to be all pervasive in the country. The author of this paper will describe her experiences of developing OER, of conducting over twenty training workshops on OER, and in guiding teachers to develop OER.

Slide contents

  • Promotion of OER developement in Indian Universities
  • National Census Report 2011
  • Gross enrolment ratio
  • 2011
  • Our primary distance learning institutions
  • Formal Education figures - 2008
  • Looking at some GOI initiatives
  • NMEICT Objectives state
  • Sakshat (e-content)
  • Sakshat - Excellent materials, Huge Repository
  • Sakshat - connectivity
  • How everything works
  • National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning - NPTEL
  • On Probing further
  • A National Repository
  • These are materials created out of public funds!!
  • Open University vs Open Content
  • Some OER that is there
  • OER workshops - based on wikieducator and Moodle
  • Issues (1)
  • Issues (2)
  • COL supporting an OER Project
  • MU project on OER
  • Thank you, Questions